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It is that time of year again where the Turkeys are hiding and hoping the maniacs with the knives are not going to see them, well most turkeys that is, for the Thanksgiving day and the day following we will be hosting a Turkey Day Special Event, Come Join the Fun! Happy Thanksgiving Akara!!

R.I.P. William C. Arther aka Alexander/Macronik, you will be missed by all. Our sincerest condolences & prayers are with his entire family through these difficult times.

We have had a complete rebalance of creatures, resulting in most playstyles being viable once more. Thanks to Shard-Breaker for his work in making a working patch for the classic client, and soon support for gargoyles too! Please check here for latest Server News and don't forget to PLEASE Vote often on the Ultima Online Server freeshard listing! The more votes we get the more players you get at Akara.


Please read this month's Newsletter for detailed instructions for logging on our Ultima Server!


Latest Server News...

Connecting to Akara Essex (64-bit) with the newer classic UO Client
A living guide
1. Go to and go to the downloads page.
2. Download the Patch for Classic UO.
3. Copy Your Ultima Online Installation Folder¯
---This ensures that you've got a clean copy of UO for patching the client later, if necessary---
4. Extract the Patch into your Ultima Online Classic Folder.
---replace each item.
5. Install Razor or UOSteam
7. Manually browse to your UO Directory and then Client.exe in Razor/UOSteam
8. Server is
9. Port 2590


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  • Best Unique Leveling System
  • Custom Map
  • RunUO Server Highly Reliable
  • Evo Dragons
  • AOS Era With Great Customizations to Gameplay
  • Custom Ores/Woods/Leathers
  • Runic Hammers/Fletcher Tools/Tinker Tools
  • Sphynx/AirElemental/Cow/Skeletal Dragon Mounts
  • Levelable Armor/Jewelry/Weapons
  • Cropfields and Farmable Spawns
  • OSI and Custom Quests
  • Runespells
  • Friendly Educated and Mature Staff


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